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Book - Πρόσωπα της Σίφνου / Sifnos Faces / Visages de Sifnos

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This book of portraits illustrates and immortalizes a passing present, in homage to the Sifnians, the inhabitants of the island of Sifnos (Greece).

70 characters are portrayed in their environment, work, and family.

The project began in 2018 and the last photos were taken in November 2019. 

The book contains 354 color and black&white pictures on 248 pages. 

Texts in 3 languages – Greek, French, and English.

Size: 31x25cm. 


170g coated matt paper.

Printed in Greece in July 2020.

ISBN: 978-2-9573667-0-5

Books ordered online will be signed and dedicated by the author and shipped directly to your home address.

Price: 45€ + 10€ shipping.

*Option: The book can also be sold with a signed fine-art print 21x29,7cm to choose among the photos from www.arirossner.com/sifnosprosopa for 120€